the Women of Benoa

Recently Someone asked me "Who is Benoa?"  

And for a minute it kinda stumped me.  But I think I narrowed it down.

Benoa Women are The movers and The shakers.

 We are the women who decide to take control of our happiness- our life- our experiences- the women who decide that they want something and deal with the blood, sweat, and tears to get it.    

Women who don’t let people tell us no and aren’t afraid to put things on the line. We aren't afraid to be vulnerable, soft, strong, knowledgeable. We know that life gets wild and there's lots out of our control, but we deal with the consequences of our choices. 

We are women who are confident in who we are, our decisions, our words, our flaws, and our perfections.  We are willing to recognize when we are wrong, when to apologize and when we are right and stand by what we feel.  Women of Benoa know what we want, know that we want a suit that meets our needs, know that we are strong, beautiful, smart and adventurous. We know when to push our limits and when to call it quits.  

Experience life in all possible ways — good-bad, bitter-sweet, dark-light, summer-winter. Experience all the dualities. Don’t be afraid of experience, because the more experience you have, the more you become.

We are women who work hard for what we have, the suits, the plane tickets, the adventures.  We are present and appreciative, we are supportive and loving, building each other up, even when it’s easier to tear each other down.  We are mothers, sisters, friends, lovers, adventurers.  We are okay on our own, but better together.  Women ready for anything.  


Benoa Swim started with two parts- Directive and Creative. By two people - India Pyzel and Luna Courtois

But it has become a lot more than the two 15 year old girls that started it.  Benoa doesn't work  because it's the greatest of it's time.. It works because of our community- small knit, proud, loving and supportive.    Because of our friends and family who bought suits in the beginning that they probably would never wear, just to show us that they believed in us and how we have grown into a company that people are excited about wearing.   Benoa works because of you, visiting the site to read this, buying suits, keeping our dream alive. Thank you for inspiring us to keep chasing our dreams.