Single-use Plastic free since 2020

In 2020 we were able to get rid of all unnecessary plastics! We changed all of our suit packaging to reusable and compostable bags that you can throw into your home compost when they become unusable. Not only have we changed the packaging but we got rid of nylon and plastic hangtag strings.  All our suits are made of 100% recycled fabric and when being shipped from us to you we use 100% recycled kraft mailers with carbon neutral shipping. We are doing our best to be part of protecting mother earth and now you are too!

Hand drawn in House

Found No where Else

All of our prints are hand drawn and designed in house by our designer Luna Courtois.

As a small business we keep all of our collections small and DO NOT RESTOCK ANYTHING.  That means when the suits are gone, they are gone!  We will not be bringing any of the same colors or prints into our coming collections.  If you love a print or color, get it!

our goal is to create a Swimwear line

For, of and to; women who inspire us

simply put. this swimwear is for you.

We are so grateful to each and every one of you who decide to support our small, local business. Each piece we put out is made with our little community in mind.

If you are new... Welcome. If you've been here, thanks for coming back. We love and appricate all of you.

Here's to Now

Summer 2022

Here’s to Now is about celebrating.  Celebrating the good times, weird times, hard times and the times you can’t help but laugh at.  For us Covid blended time, one big blur waiting for the next few weeks to be done so we can be one step closer to “Normal.” But, as we launch our 9th collection it has been nice to reflect on the roads we have taken and where they have led us.  The small details we might have overlooked if we didn’t have the time to slow down and take in what is around us and who we come from. 

Thank you for being a part of this journey and HERE’S TO NOW.