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About Us

Benoa Swim is made of two parts- Directive and Creative. By India Pyzel and Luna Courtois.

Born on the North Shore of Oahu where both of the girls grew up, when they were 15 years old , Benoa came to be.

Indie and Luna have been friends since they can remember. They went to Sunset Beach Elementary School together. Luna has always been the artsy one, she had the best drawings, and Indie was just a little beach bum who loved math and media class. As they got older they would dawn patrol Ehukai Sandbar before school, go to the beach, surf, hike and ride our bikes everywhere.

They became inseparable, sleepovers every weekend, hanging at Rocky Point or Gas Chambers every day and constantly drooling over bikinis. Still too young to be able to drive a car, they started thinking about what they wanted to do for the rest of their lives, and it was just that. Surf, beach, hike, and drool over bikinis.

So, one day in 2013, they were sitting dreaming about having a swimwear line, when they finally decided to have Luna draw a line out in Indie's bedroom at her parents house. The outcome was a collection of their thoughts - 13 pieces scratched out on a piece of paper. With the support from their families and someone willing to take them on, samples came in and the ball just kept rolling. They had the suits stocked up in Indie’s room, then Luna’s parents garage, and finally got a little office space in Indie’s parents' old yard. Finding time to work on their passion project all while having other jobs, being in high school, playing sports and still wanting to be kids they tried their best to find balance while still growing their little company.


Years later that scratched up piece of paper with their first collection on it would eventually find itself a home in our office, as a reminder of the 15 year old girls who started this, and the young women who have taken reign.


Benoa is built on the foundation of creativity, sustainability and community.


All of our styles and prints are hand drawn and thought up by our designer. Luna is a self taught artist, her passion for art came to her at a young age and throughout the years she has grown to use new mediums, graphic designing textiles has been the most recent. You really won't find our prints anywhere else. These are made with our home in mind, sharing the pieces of our hearts with you.


Starting it off at our factory in Indonesia where our bikinis are ethically hand made by employees who are payed live-able wages in great working conditions. Benoa Swimwear is made with 100% Recycled KIRA fabric, and Benoa Holoholo is made with YELICO 83gsm 100% Eco Rayon. Each Benoa piece is packaged in a 100% biodegradable and compostable bags and packed in a recycled paper mailer. and finally makes its way to you with carbon neutral shipping.


To us, Benoa is about the community that has supported us from day one, even when we were figuring out how to make suits fit right and how to make prints. This brand is built around growing up in a place and around people rich in culture, talent and drive, pushing us to keep doing what we want to do. It is about where and who we came from and how that makes what we have, and the people who wear our suits special. Its the small pieces of the place that grew us that people wouldn’t necessarily stop to look at.

Benoa is made for, of and to; Women who inspire us.

We are so grateful for all the hands and hearts that have brought us to where we are and are so excited to share this with you.


Luna & Indie